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Care and Maintenance


Your Krug Timepiece is made to the quality of a top-class Swiss watch, using only quality pieces and delicacy in its process to ensure the watch is at its finest. It has been tested thoroughly to ensure our customers standards are met, and they receive exactly what they paid for.

But like any mechanical tool in the world, maintenance is needed. We recommend that your watch should have a maintenance check every 2 years, to keep it at its finest, and a full maintenance service every 5 or so years. However we can not confirm that this is accurate, due to the reasoning every model is different and depending on how well the watch is treated.

(Quartz watches) A major piece of a watch, is it’s battery. We insist that our customers do not delay changing an empty battery as an empty battery can have leakage and possibly effect the movement of the watch.

To keep your watch at its highest level of quality, we recommend the following.

  • Avoid placing your watch on anything that would produce strong magnetic fields, this may consist of; Refrigerators, Loud speakers and any other electrical devices similar, to these.
  • Avoiding extreme temperature changes. Above 60 degrees Celsius should be avoided, and below 0 degrees Celsius should also be avoided, at least for extended periods.
  • Avoid unnecessary shocks, this may consist of, physical, magnetic, thermal or chemical.
  • Avoid strong chemicals, like detergents, cosmetics etc. as these chemicals may potentially impact the steel finish on either the band or the case of the watches.
  • Make sure that the crown of the watch is always closed when not in use. If this is not closed water may manage to get in and damage the watch regardless of its waterproofing, as this provides an open access point for it to pass through.
  • Even if the watch is wet, it is best not to open the crown until dry. Even a slightest amount of liquid can potentially enter and damage the watches interior.
  • Always rinse your watch after it has been exposed to salt water. Salt water can potentially damage steel, so it is safest to not take the risk.
  • Always ensure your watch crown is closed when cleaning the watch.

We hope you can take this information and use it to your best ability, we wish you and your timepiece a long and happy life.

Thank you.